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Introducing Planchette: A Spirit Board for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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With Planchette, you can contact the world beyond using your iPhone or iPod Touch as the "planchette," or marker, on a virtual spirit board. Planchette works by tracking your iPhone's movements as you and your friends slide it around on a table top or any smooth, flat, surface.

While Planchette is modeled after classic spirit boards like the Parker Brothers' Ouija™ Board*, it is a uniquely new take on high-tech communication with the beyond. Planchette is the only spirit board application of its kind to allow you to use the iPhone as the planchette. Planchette is great fun for Halloween, Friday the 13th, or any other time you'd like to contact the spirits. It can be used as a personal fortune teller or seer, or played with any number of of adventurous souls. Planchette is completely portable and can be used in any setting your imagination desires, whether on-the-go or during a seance by candlelight at home.

What will the spirits reveal to you today?

Helpful Hints

  • Use a piece of paper, or even better, a small laminated card (such as a business card), on which your iPhone can rest. The card will ensure that you don't scratch the back of your iPhone or your iPhone case, if you have one. Plus, your contact with the spirits will be smoother the more easily your iPhone can glide around the surface.

  • You will have best results by making short, direct, movements with your iPhone. Have courage as you contact the spirits! Do not hesitate to move your phone quickly and decisively. If you slide your iPhone too slowly or softly, motion may not register on the board.

  • If you find that the board moves slowly or seems unresponsive you may want to shutdown and restart your phone before you contact the spirits.

  • If you need to move to a new surface or pause during your session on the board, simply pick the iPhone up and hold it perpendicular to the ground. You will be given the choice to continue your session, realign Planchette with your new surface, or you may return to the parlor with your session paused waiting for your return.

  • If the board moves while the iPhone is not moving on the table, then you should try realigning with the spirits. Hold up your iPhone till the realignment selection appears and then select "Yes, I have a new table."

  • Remember to keep an open mind during your session, if the spirits' messages or reactions to your movements happen to surprise or puzzle you. Otherworldly beings will not always obey your commands, for their ways are mysterious...


Planchette is intended purely for purposes of entertainment. We take no responsibility for your, or anyone else's, actions before, during, and after using Planchette.

*Ouija™ is a trademark and property of Parker Brothers Inc. Planchette is not affiliated with, sponsored, or authorized by Parker Brothers Inc. Any reference related to Ouija™ is made solely for comparison purposes and is not intended to create any confusion or deception in the marketplace.